Fairy Feather Funny Cat Stick Cat Feature Toy


The plush material is soft and bites resistant, which is fun and does not hurt the cat's paw. Bright colors and cute plush ball shapes can more easily attract the cat's attention without scratching your furniture. It can increase the interaction between you and the kitten and make them closer to you. The smooth handle made of high-quality materials is not easy to break and the hands are comfortable.

Feather mouse toy is easier to attract the attention of the cat. Shaking the cat rod evokes lovely cats like hunting, tracking, the nature of the game. Using it to attract your cat to jump, run, or other exercises and avoiding them become fat. You can use it to tease your cats and add more interaction with them, making them much closer to you.


  • Attracting the attention of cats, kittens favorite
  • Improve affection between you and your pet
  • Classic cat toys - cats are fond of this toy
  • Cats love the taste of natural feathers
  • This toy can train cats' natural instincts
  • Keep your cat act nimbly


Color: Grey, Blue, Pink
Pieces: Three, Six

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