Glove-style pet absorbent towels for cats and dogs

173,51 kr
Color: blue

Perfect for grooming, traveling, hiding in a kennel or cage, keeping your pet warm, comfortable, and comfortable. Selected from fiber, using a weaving method to form fiber holes, effectively inhaling moisture in a short time and locking, easy to wring. Gloves and towels are carefully designed pocket pockets. After repeated modification and modification, even if the baby is moving, it is not easy to get out.

The small hanging loop makes it convenient to hang the towel for drying after washing, practical and convenient. Made of high-quality furry fabric, soft and water-absorbing, easy to dry the pet’s hair and dry the towel. There are two pockets on the towel, convenient for users to fix their hands on the towel during the sweeping process, practical and convenient. Widely suitable for different kinds of dog and cat, perfect for washing usage.


  • Made of super absorbent and super permeable absorbent fibers
  • It can absorb the water on the dog fur and can make the dog dry fast
  • The unique double pockets design is convenient to wipe dogs after bathing
  • With exquisite craft, it is durable and has a long service life
  • It can be hung, which is easy to store and save much space
  • The texture is comfortable and breathable


Material: Cotton + Absorbent Fibre
Color: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Gray, Purple, Navy Blue

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